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Online medical service

Online medical service

Online medical service

online medical service

Achieve the best possible results from using your Zida Control Sock by taking advantage of our customized online concierge medical experience.
Our professional and caring medical team guides you on your personalized journey and provides you with the resources, tools and information you need each week to conquer your incontinence.

Get to know your doctor

We are always here for you with 24/7 chat and email availability. Members of the medical team will  be in touch on a weekly basis via email and often provide personalized video communication and guidance. 

The Zida team includes doctors, nurse practitioners and incontinence specialists who are here to help YOU.

track your progress

By using our interactive progress tracking tool during your treatment, we will be able to see your progress and assess how to help you achieve your goal of being fully continent. Based on this information, our medical team will provide custom weekly tips, tools and information on how to improve your continence.

Experience the Zidafy platform

ZIDA’s online concierge medical experience, delivered via the Zidafy platform, is a one-of-a-kind behavioral educational experience designed to treat each patient in a personalized way, improving patient-doctor communication and providing emotional support. Our interactive videos, guides and more are designed to restore your routine and help you to resist the restroom.

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